Sunday, February 15, 2009

Assignments….every engineer’s nightmare…


I wanna start blogging with something funny…something that is indeed "politically correct"!!. So a general problem all engineers face…ASSIGNMENTS….here are some ways…to escape..!!

Assignments ? Who me? No…..sorry, excuse me, thank you…!!! Whatever works man...!! Just get rid of 'em…

Have you ever read the last line of curriculum of most of the engineering institutions?

It says "Mode of Evaluation: Written Examination, Assignments and Seminar." Looks pretty easy…written examinations are taken care of by relative grading….all is good when everyone does bad!

Seminars are pretty manageable because the class supports you by never cross questioning.

It's the assignments that take a real toll on all of us. And for most of the times we don't meet deadlines and that's where the problems start.

The human race however has a unique ability to anticipate the future, proactively innovate and create an array of options for survival in a changing environment. So then we make excuses which are stupid enough to make us land in trouble.

So I decided to help all the "non-nerds" (if I knew the exact word I would be a nerd!) by suggesting a few ways to escape and a few clichés you should never use!

Here are 5 excuses which may help you to escape the predicament of not meeting the deadline for an assignment…but….remember the disclaimer…."the author bears no responsibility for the ideas and suggestions! Any person caught using them would be entirely responsible for the consequences"!

1)"Sir, I already gave it to you! Please check again"! Anticipated Success Rate-90%

2)"It was today? Oh! Sorry I thought it was next week! Sorry sir!" Anticipated Success Rate- 85% (for our female friends however the sorry sir part could be a bit extended and the success rate shoots up!)

3)"My computer was not working". Anticipated Success Rate-60%

4)"I had my GRE/CAT/TOEFL exams". Anticipated Success Rate-50%

5)"I was sick and was admitted to the health center". Anticipated Success Rate-10% (first of all you are not allowed to be sick at the cost of your work and this lie can backfire very badly as they may ask you to produce some "medical certificate duly signed by the CMO"…though I never understood why a guy would go to the health center in the first place if he is a little sick like fever etc.!

But guys our respected faculty members are much smarter and obviously experienced especially when it comes to students skipping assignments.

So here are some pitfalls you can escape and please don't use these clichés….

1)"There is no material related to this on Wikipedia…library??...are you kidding"!

2)"My girlfriend dumped me…I am too heartbroken…sir you understand…you were 20 once…weren't you"?

3)"Sir its all his fault...he didn't do it…what could I do"?

4)" I didn't have the color pens, A4 sheets, a scale, a pencil etc…you know I wanted to do it either perfectly or not at all…so I picked the latter!"

5)"I didn't sleep properly last night"! (which secretly means that you were busy finishing your daily quota of movies)

The purpose of assignments is not clear to either me or to the rest of the students. So till we truly understand the aim and objectives of assignments let's just finish them off….and for the rest of the times when you cannot do it…keep this article safe!!




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lifes' like this.. never fair never right said...

Funny One really ...
I never tried any of these tricks , gosh!! had you written it a 4 years back I would have been enlightened and managed to escape .But as it never happend so I had to write all my assignments except one that was for distributed computing in 7th Sem , I submitted it a month late and got full marks :) . Anyway to add to your blog ,I have found a trend that I thought to share ... JUniors ( Creepy First Years I mean ) they do it one day before the lat date ( Not to mentiong "nerds" , they can do it before assignments are even assigned lol ). Then Second year onwards the gap between the submission time and last time narrows down very quickly . And if you have done it , you would understand , we write it the next day early morning and throw it in the teacher's cabin when he is not there. Sometimes that works too that, i would say success probabilty is higher than 70 % .